I have been married since 2008.My husband’s name is Ivan mine is Angela, yup cutest couple ever.I have four children, one girl and three boys.I have two younger sisters, I am the tallest sister and the quietest sister.

I have a degree in political science and a minor in economics from the University of Houston.

My favourite colour is pink.

I listen to rap, hip hop, R&B and Pop.

I cook, baked goods are something that are given to me or found in the grocery store or bakery.

I prefer chocolate over anything, add peanut butter to it and I am in heaven.

Obviously I love to go shopping, if I need to find something for myself I prefer to go alone. I just get more done. When I go shopping with a friend I am honest. Sales people will lie to you, I just can’t.

I have opinions on almost everything – politics, religion, why do we need to ask celebrities their opinion on anything of substance and PETA.

I drive a minivan and am not embarrassed about it.


It’s hard to find real style advice after you hit a certain age let alone a certain body type. So I’m trying to inspire myself and other women out there. I focus on things I love and what makes me feel great.

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